0222 390 3135 Lot CN 27.3, Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park, An Binh Commune, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh Province.
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Chemical Trading and Dangerous chemical warehouse service company in Vietnam

TK Chemical is your trusted supplier of chemical materials.

TK Chemical has been a supplier chemicals for more than 50 years in Japan,

and in Ha Noi, since 2014 supply dangerous chemical materials.

We have started doing business in Ho Chi Minh City since 2018.

Whether the order is for chemical commodities or specialty products, no matter if the volume is large or small we can handle it. We are committed to bringing the best quality products and price from the door of the manufacturer to the door of our customers.

Our goal is to make sure that our customers find their needs of chemicals in one place. We will work to develop the customers trust that they can rely on us for on time and safe delivery of their products.

Chemical product List.

Our service and Products

We are your partner, bringing our wide range of products to satisfy the needs of your specific industry You can find TK Chemical wide range of products being utilized in many different industries. Our experienced sales team will work with you to select suitable materials to satisfy your business and chemical needs.


Representative: Mr. Kimotsuki Yoshihito - Director.
Address: Lot CN 27.3, Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park, An Bình Commune, Thuận Thành District, Bắc Ninh Province, Vietnam.
Hotline: 0222 390 3135.
Tax code: 0106529587.
Person in charge of Japanese:
Mr. Kimotsuki Yoshihito.
Mobile: +84 936 463 908.
Person in charge of Vietnamese:
Mr. Ha Nguyen Trong.
Mobile: +84 384 661 130.


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